Double Door Shipping Container

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double door shipping container

Double Door shipping container

Double door shipping container provide an easy access to the cargo from both ends of the shipping container. if you have a situation were the cargo that get loaded first have to be the unloaded first, a double door shipping container which is a "shipping container with doors on both ends" will be the perfect solution.

Just last week we had a customer that was looking to lease 5 twenty foot two door shipping containers just for that same reason. He wants to be able to load the shipping container from one end and unload from the other.

Double door shipping containers are manufactured with two sets of cargo doors, One set of swing door at each end. This type of container is becoming very popular and always in demand.

One other thing about these double door shipping containers is, they can be used as a temporary container tunnel simply by opening both sets of doors.

We had several situation were the customer was in a rush to get several construction site pedestrian tunnels " Sidewalk Tunnels ". Shipping container with doors on both ends was the perfect fit, as all we have to do was removing the cargo doors, add support, cut window opening and we have a construction site container tunnel.

Shipping container with doors on both ends comes in standard height and high cube 20' to 40' in length, width is still standard at 8 foot wide.

shipping container cargo doors

shipping containers swing doors

lets go back to the double swing door shipping container for a second to clarify a point.

If you look at the image to the left. Would this container be considered a single door or a double door container?

Well, It does have two swing doors, so it is a double door container. What about the containers that have doors at both ends. I guess we have to call them multi door shipping containers right?

Keep in mind that some shipping containers are built with a single container wide swing door. This kind of door comes with heavy duty steel hinges & extra support brackets to hold the weigh of the door. This style of container is mostly used in waste management for easy dumping.

Shipping containers with swing doors are not limited to doors at both ends. They can have swing doors on the sides too. Single swing door or a set of swing doors.

multi door shipping containers

Recently we start seeing shipping containers manufactured with several swing doors installed on the sides of the container. Mostly on 20 foot containers.

Some with the same size doors spread evenly on one side of the shipping container as showing in the first image to the right.

With these new multi door shipping container designs you have easy access to any part of the container. And at the same time the extra cargo doors don't effect the structure of the container it's still a cargo worthy container.

The center side doors will swing open & fold on the end doors to the left & right to give you access to the middle section of the container.

The end swing doors will swing & fold carrying the center doors to give you a full access to the inside of the container.

Having a storage container with a completely open side can save you a lot of time in getting in and out.

Imagine storing heavy machinery, construction quipment and tools or supplies that's too heavy for a person to carry yet needed for daily use.

With a multi side door storage container all the tools and the equipment can be set on shipping pallets and easily accessed by a small forklift. just the time saved by using such a container is worth having it on site.

Storage containers easy open doors

One other option in the world of shipping and storage containers that recently start showing up is the Easy To Open Door Handle.

Instead of having two door rods with two door handles on the right side door "Main Door". The easy to open door container have a single door rod with one larger handle.

It might not seems like much. But the long soft grip handle have a better leverage and it actually works really will. Definitely much easier to open a container with this handle than a standard short handle.

shipping containers doors beyond manufacturing

Aside from the standard swing door sets on shipping containers. Just about any kind of doors can be installed.

  1. Metal roll up doors are the most common for storage containers, which give an easy way to access the stored items.
  2. Shipping containers roll up doors comes in variety of sizes, from 4 foot wide to 12 foot wide. The most ordered are the 6 & 8 foot wide.

    Other shipping containers door options is a man door. Which is a standard width and height door that made of steel instead of wood.

  3. Metal man doors usually comes assembled as one piece, Door frame, Hinges, and the door itself. Ready to be installed.
  4. Steel shipping container man door can be installed on any side of the container and no limit to how many can be installed. Mostly the are installed on office containers rather than storage containers.

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